Mealange May 20.p65

My works are changing since last few years, as I am mostly exploring my time in discovering the essence of the nature. I took a year lone break from my academic carrier because I wanted to devote my time in exploring surrounding as I feel it is important for a visual artist to see thing in which he is enveloped within. While I am travelling and come across different communities and tribes of North East India, I am inspired by the visual forms of traditional and religious art forms which in a sense can be termed as “installation” and sculpture which having a ritualistic meaning for them . But for me, I feel it is portrays an aesthetic pleasure. I am motivated by their practice also the indigenous medium they use to express and re installing the work in my own way for the generation who are really diverting from the importance of nature today. The materials I use are all natural and indigenous. My works which are purely supplement in nature and my conceptual expression which adding a new meaning to the visual art works also adds an aesthetic meaning to the space we are living in . Its not mean to disturb the natural form and natural design created by the mighty nature itself. I felt that the materials are enough to explore which we can easily find in our surrounding . I strongly believe there are enough natural materials to be used to create some beautiful forms either in a convenient or inconvenient way. Presently I am working mostly using inconvenient materials which is basically a sculptural drawing or natural sculpture. It is seen that especially in the North East Region of India which is full of lush green forests the importance to nature by mankind is decreasing, there are lot of destruction done to the nature either by deforestation or so on. Whereas on the other hand while travelling I saw many such site specific indigenous installation in the middle of the forest of north east India are very remarkable and was basically done for the cultural and religious demand of the community . My future idea is to install the sculptures using the non contaminated, environment friendly convenient elements from the surrounding keeping the aesthetic value to it, and also keeping in mind the awareness for the present environmental issues among the people.



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