Thoh Shun, 2013


Introducing about Thooh Shun as a tradition of marking with lime is still maintain among Khasi culture. Staying close to Khasi it was noticed that nowadays Thoh Shun mostly appear as a public unconcious marking around the city, but not as a cultural tradition anymore.


Along with artist Tamara Artajeva we have made some drawings where locals already start been rubbing the lime. While using the same materials and techniques (to rub the lime on the wall with fingers) we’ve made a decorative drawings which reminds to locals about their tradition, changes of it and speak about the connection of the people. These works are unconciously started by locals and got a shape and look with us. We strongly believe that with time it will change again and we invite everyone freely continue it.


The Thoh Shun work was done in Shillong, May 2013 during the Art Camp “Thoh Shun” by artists Alak Pathak and Tamara Artajeva.


PKF_1359   DSC_0043







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